Project 1 "The Inauguration of Rotaract Club Geneve International"

Since April 2016, Rotarians of the Rotary Club Geneve International and our current President Kazushige Kobayashi have jointly sought to create an English speaking Rotaract club in International Geneva. Various project meetings and consultation sessions with other Rotary/Rotaract clubs were held during April – July 2016. The Club was launched in November 2016 with enthusiastic support from the District as well as other Rotary Clubs in Switzerland and beyond. 


Project 3 "Rotary Geneva Health Group"

The Rotary Geneva Health group was established with the objective of contributing and reinforcing the development of projects in the two focus areas: "Disease prevention and treatment" and "Maternal and Child Health". By linking health professionals of many levels and creating a joint of experts in the field of public health from the top to the bottom, including University Hospitals, Academia, International organizations such as the World Health Organization, the Rotarian Doctors Fellowship and Rotary Clubs and Districts to gather their knowledge on best practices and facilitate exchanges of information and experiences to step up on the implementation of health related programs and support on data collection and evaluation. 

The consolidation of the health platform ZERO PREVENTABLE MORTALITY FOR MOTHERS AND CHILDREN inspired by the CALMED Model which consists in Vocational Training Technologies to improve the capacities of health professionals on the field in topics of Maternal and Neonatal Health Programs. This promising project is on its way to expand the action of protecting health as a priority.


Project 5 "Rotaract Student Exchanges"

The Rotaract Club Genève International offers an exchange programme in the field of International Relations for students and individuals with entry-level career experience. The purpose of this programme is to offer Rotarians and other young adults the opportunity to visit organizations, international bodies and Swiss companies in Switzerland. The visit will allow for various networking opportunities in one of the most important cities in the world for international relations and development. Previous exchanges under this programme include the visit of two Masters students from the Nantucket Rotary Club.

This action is led by Lauranne Botti, teamed up with Paola Castillo Rojas.

Rotaract Exchange Program.JPG

Project 7"Navidad del Niño Indígena 2018"

Rotaract Genève International has joined this 2018 Christmas event organized by Rotaract Cones Catoche and Rotaract San Cristóbal de Las Casas, both serving in the State of Chiapas, México. The two Clubs celebrated Christmas with the indigenous Community of Zacualpa, Ecatepec by sharing various activities such as craft making, bringing presents to the kids, offering dental consultation and finally breaking the traditional piñatas. We were very honored to contribute to this action and custom of Latin America with a donation. 


Picture credits : Rotaract Cones Catoche


Project 2 "Project Local Solidarity"

As one of our main focus it to develop our social projects and solidarity in Geneva, we decided to organize our first social project for Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève this 18th February for a blood donation. Being part of the wide Rotary and Rotaract network, we are inviting 4 Rotary clubs in Geneva, as well as Rotaract Genève and Rotaract Lausanne. In this winter period, hospitals usually lack blood donations that save lives. With this locally-based project, we demonstrate our solidarity and involvement in the Geneva area.


Project 4 "One dollar glasses" ​

Rotaract Genève International collaborates with the OneDollarGlasses Association that aims at providing the Communities in that case from the Tarija and Cochabamba areas, Bolivia, with medical consultations and adapted glasses, made in Bolivia. 

This action is regionally led by Monika Avila Marquez, teamed up with Paola Castillo Rojas.


Project 6 "AVVEC - Youth Domestic Violence Campaign"

AVVEC - Youth Domestic Violence Campaign :


Description :

Our Club has teamed up with AVVEC to support them for their campaign to raise awareness and provide guidance to the population in Geneva, and more particularly the young couples, who are particularly exposed to domestic violence as the Swiss statistics have been consistently showing over the time and in various States of the country. We are committed to help preventing such violence joining the efforts of AVVEC and the young people themselves through information stands and digital publications on social medias.

This Action is led by Gwenaël Fuchs and jointly realized with Rotary Genève International.


Picture credits : AVVEC


Project 8"Lebanon Water Project"

The Lebanon Water Project supports the installation of customized water filtration systems in public schools in Lebanon. Together with the Rotary Club Genève International, Switzerland and the Rotary Club of Tripoli Cosmopolis, Lebanon in the lead, we have developed a sustainable concept to reduce contaminated water and provide hundreds of children with access to safe drinking water. In over 720 public schools water filters have already been installed and over USD 3,000,000 have been raised. If you are interested in supporting, please feel free to join our Charity Gala Dinner on 2 May 2019 at 7:30 pm in the InterContinental Hotel Geneva. For further information, please visit our website:


Lea Pfrogner is leading the project from the Rotaract side. From Rotary Club International Geneva the project is lead Hansjoerg Eberle and from Rotary Club Tripoli Cosmopolis the project is lead Rym Dada-Husseini.