Eleonora is currently a psychology student in Geneva. 

In the Rotaract Geneva International you will see her organize the meetings, plan agendas and events. 

Always organized and with a smile on her face, she is eager to bring a positive psychology and human approach to the Rotaract International Geneva. 


Eleonora Patinot

Gwenaël Fuchs graduated from University of Geneva with a Bachelor's degree in International Relations with a major in Law, and from HEC Lausanne (University of Lausanne) with a Master's degree in Law and Economics. Having acquired broad knowledge as well as professional and personal experience, he is founding his own company, committing to a sustainable trade business between the Americas and Europe. He has also been very active in Rowing as a competitor and a coach. Passionate about Aviation, he successfully passed military pilot selections before starting his journey to the Americas and their heritage.

Vice President

Gwenaël Fuchs

Stefania Martella is studying psychology at the University of Geneva in order to become a couple and family therapist. She was a member of the Parlement des Jeunes Genevois, a substitute teacher in primary schools and an intern in childcare. These experiences were very rewarding and allowed her to work in a team. 

Protocol and Coordination Officer

Stefania Martella

Mireille studied a Masters on Development at the Graduate Institute in Geneva. She has a strong interest in studying how we can create inclusive societies. This had led her through collaborating with different international organizations, academia and the public sector. She has a particular interest on economic inclusive systems, economic empowerment, poverty reduction strategies and cooperation with the private sector. 


Mireille Baser 

Seiana studied economics and management at the University of Geneva. She is currently doing an internship at UBS. 

During her bachelor, she founded a university association. 

Rowing is one of her several interests, she did several competitions and she is part of the rowing university team. 

At Rotaract, she is responsible for public relations and the management of social media. 

Public Relations Manager

Seiana Priante

Alicja is currently a trainee lawyer at a main law firm in Geneva. She first obtained a Bachelor degree in international relations at the University of Geneva and then pursued her studies in law with a Master degree, following a one-year exchange programme at the University of New South Wales in Australia, where she co-founded the Funds Management Association. After finishing her master degree, she worked as a research assistant at the Centre d'études juridiques européennes at the University of Geneva. She is currently working as a legal trainee in one of Switzerland's leading law firms. 

Web editor

Alicja Zapedowska

Eren works as a consultant translator and part-time teacher. He has a Masters in Asian Studies from the Graduate Institute for International Studies and a Bachelor in International Relations from the University of Geneva. He has varied interests, such as politics, history, cinema, and literature. At Rotaract he contributes to recruiting new members and to digital marketing.

Recruiting and Digital Marketing

Eren Baser

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Finance at Royal Holloway, Anil worked in Wealth Management at Citigroup in London. He then worked at IMD business school in Lausanne for just over five years and now works in the jewellery industry. Anil is passionate about wine, history and golf.

Recruiting and Digital Marketing

Anil Taneja

Alexandra is a double graduate in economics and psychology. Recruiter by day, organisational psychology enthusiast and healthy-living addict in her free time. She worked for a London tech start-up as a coordinator of well-being interventions in the workplace before deciding to move to Geneva and study psychology. She studied, lived and worked in 3 countries, each leaving an important mark on her development.She is now happy to extend her horizons by joining Rotaract and helping new members find their place in our club.

Admissions Manager

Alexandra Andrei

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