2016 in a nutshell

Trip of our former President, Amélie Bultot with Rotary Ferney Voltaire to the Rotary Club of Szentendre- June 2018

Rowing session & cocktail at the Société Nautique de Genève - September 2018

District 1990 wine tasting - October 2020

Rotary UN Day at the UN, November 2017

Conference with the former Vice-President of Burundi, January and March 2018

Wine tasting, September 2017

Visit from Sébastian (vice-president) and Natalia from Rotaract Pasto Valle de Atriz - September 2018

Swiss Rotary Day and Night - May 11, 2019

The Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, September 2017

Visit from Pierre Deruaz and Jean Villeval from Rotary Club Corregidora Querétaro - October 2018

Harvesting wine - September 2020