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Seniors and Millennials Working Together for the SDGs - October 10, 2018 (3 pm)

Dear All, 

Due to the current pandemic situation due to the COVID-19, we are suspending our physical meetings until further notice. We continue to work on our projects and develop our club remotely; our meetings are held in a virtual manner. Thus, if you are willing to join us on such virtual club meeting, please contact us and we wil provide you with relevant details. 

In the meantime, take care and stay home when you can! 

President's speech 2019-2020

Dear Rotarians, 

Not long ago I joined Rotaract Geneva International, and was very well received. 

I was not only integrated, but I had the confidence of the members who chose me as protocol and coordination officer which was a very rewarding post. 

In this club I did not only meet new people, but I found friends and a family. 

I am proud to be part of this community which values as importantly as I do: hard work, honesty, tolerance, curiosity, loyalty, altruism, courage, and respect. 

It is with joy that I will honor and encourage the promotions of these values in this our Rotarian future. 

I am most honored and humbled to having been elected President of the Rotaract Genève International Club 2019-2020, and with the help and support of our great chapter, I will do my best to meet the challenge. 

I especially thank "Gwenaël Fuchs" for his support, and because he's responsible for the discovery of this club which has become so important for me today. 

During his year, he showed his support for me as his successor in many ways, and I thank him. Also, I want to caution him that I will be depending on his support throughout the year. 

I’m honored, and I will do my best to promote and support the initiatives that represent the essence of our organization here, in the community of Genève, and wherever in the world might be necessary. 

Don't let my young age puzzle you; I will use it to our advantage with the younger generations, so that we can understand the most current issues of today's society. 

In summary, our goals for the year to come include:


  • Membership Development and Retention. I would like to thank our commission recruitment and the admission for the work done in years. ​​Thank you: Douglas Bueno, Eren Baser and Anil Taneja 

  • Revisit the image of our club. We must change the stereotype attributed to us of being a bourgeois club, putting ourselve at the service of society. We welcome everyone, and we are available to others. 

  • Promote visibility on the media. I would like to thank Lubiana Gosp Server and Anil Taneja for the work done this year on the different social networks like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And it is with great pleasure that I will work with our new Public Relations Manager Seiana Priante. Moreover, I would like to thank Alicja Zapedowska for the work done on the web site. And last but not least I want to thank Lauranne Botti and Mireille Baser for the excellent work done this year. I look forward to working with Mireille who will help us realize our future projects. 

  • Humanistic Projects and Fundraisers. My humanistic education can be of help in identifying potential problems in our community, and I will support others with proposals and projects. 


Rotary is an international organization of people united in a commitment to improve the quality of life in the world. I believe very much in this statement. 

Thank you for your attention and support. 

Eleonora Patinot 

President 2019-2020 

Rotaract Genève International 


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